Nothing but blue skies


blue skies.jpg

When you tell people you are moving to Australia, the reactions you normally get are, “You’ll love it!” “You’ll have sun all year ‘round!” and “Oh my gosh you’re so lucky!” Well I can tell you from experience it didn’t start out that way. Yes, moving away is a great experience and it has taught me a lot about myself. For example, sometimes you have to be your own best friend. You can take yourself on a mani/pedi date, you can ask yourself out for a run or you can even go out for a meal by yourself *gasp*.

sun kissed

“You’ll love it” – When we arrived in Newcastle we stayed out of town in the “burbs” which taught me two things: 1) Thank goodness for parents, they will always take you in 2) I am very resourceful! On the days I wasn’t working, I didn’t allow myself to just sit around. I got out and walked, or ran, or just went. I wanted to explore and find out new things and that I did. Four months ago we moved right into town. Now we are close to cafes, shops and most importantly the beach! I’m finding out new things about this place everyday and I’m excited to see what the summer here has to offer!


“You’ll have sun all year ‘round!” – Newcastle is a small beach town just north of Sydney and we arrived at the beginning of Fall. Not only did we arrive in Fall but it just so happened to be only a week before an enormous storm rolled in causing damage, power outages and flooding to houses and businesses all down the coast. So my first impression was,“ I left rainy Vancouver for this !?” But, now that the temperatures are rising and the sun is staying out longer, I’m seeing what Newcastle is all about. The beaches are amazing and I am loving being able to jump into the clear blue water at Bar Beach after a long run or at 5pm when I’m done work.


“Oh my gosh you’re so lucky!” – That I am. I cannot say that I am not one lucky girl. I’m treating my body well with good food and enough exercise. I’m taking time out for myself to journal, take pictures and relax. I’ve even made some new friends (score for me!). Most importantly, I’ve come to a beautiful country with a special guy and I can’t wait to explore and adventure some more!


Happy running 🙂


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