Running fast and running slow

I have come to a grinding halt since my marathon! Well not completely, but things have definitely slowed down. Funnily enough I thought that I would get faster since I chopped off my hair but, apparently that isn’t enough to get you a PB.

after the beach

What I’ve realized since my marathon is that although training can be fun and rewarding, it is a lot of work and takes its toll on you mentally. You are constantly looking at your watch to check you time, your distance, your time per kilometer, your heart rate etc. and you keep thinking about that next milestone. Getting out of that mindset has been a challenge for me and after each race it always takes a while to get back into running just for pleasure and not for race training.


So, what have I done to get myself back into running for the love of it? Well a few things:

  1. I’m running slower
  2. I said goodbye to my watch
  3. I’m listening to really good music

When you are training for a race, you normally are training with the intention of running fast, or at least faster than your last race. So, during your training runs you track you time, you practice interval training and you push yourself to your max. I’ve begun to do the opposite; I’ve been making an effort to actually run slower. I want to go out and enjoy myself and not feel pressured to push myself to my maximum. Slowing down has allowed me to stop and take in the view, take a picture, or walk a little bit if I want.

go Canucks

Running sans watch is extremely freeing. So many runners count on their watches to keep them on track, so I felt the need to take the leap and put my relationship with my watch on hold. My Garmin is such a helpful tool but, I feel so liberated and less concerned with how fast I’m going. Now, I can take in all the things around me instead of constantly looking down at my wrist.


Music is what gets me going and I’m always looking for new artists and new songs. I have been using my spotify app to lead me down the path of new music and I absolutely love it!

So, if you are feeling like your runs are getting a bit boring, or you need a new reason to run, try going slow, ditching your watch or listening to music you wouldn’t normally try, it might just make you love running even more!

Happy running 🙂 !


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