Marathon miles


It’s done, finito, over! I’ve completed my third marathon and it feels so good. I finished a little later than I had hoped for, I was going for 3hrs 45 mins, but I’m happy just to have finished, 3hrs 58min 52secs ain’t so bad!

blowing kisses

Blowing kisses to my cheer station !

I started strong and I was feeling pretty positive as I passed Rod at kilometer 5. We had perfect weather for the first half of the race and I was happy to take in everything around me, it’s not everyday you get to run a marathon in Sydney! I was on track for 3:45 but, by kilometer 30 the rain had started, my legs felt like lead and my energy was at an all time low, but I kept going. I kept repeating this mantra while I was running, “Just put one foot in front of the other.” All I could do in those last 12 kilometers was hold on and visualize the finish line. I passed Rod for the third time at kilometer 41 and he started running alongside me snapping pictures. I looked awful, I was tired as heck and I kinda wanted to yell at Rod to stop taking pictures but, to be honest, seeing him also gave me that last push that I needed to cross the finish line. I did it! I felt sore, sick and so proud of myself for not stopping and getting through one of the most mentally challenging events I have taken on.

opera house                   running slowly

I am ready to start training for the next race and can’t wait to sign up for marathon #4, fingers crossed for London in April 2016! I do have a few things I would suggest to my future training self and here they are:

  1. Start slow ! (Thanks Big sis Meg for this one!) I went out faster than I should have and it caught up to me later in the race.
  2. Start fuelling earlier than you think! I only started to eat my apricots around kilometer 18 and I should have had them earlier than that to keep my energy up.
  3. Do more interval training! I think this would have helped me especially at the end of my race when I was feeling completely gassed.

Good luck to everyone still in training and happy running! 🙂


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