Fuelling up

So everyone knows that to get good results you have to eat the right foods. Training for a marathon can definitely make that tricky because as much as you want to eat well, you also feel like you deserve to stuff your face with burgers, ice cream and chocolate after those long weekend runs… or is that just me?:)

This week I have been snapping pictures of my meals and making a concentrated effort to make healthy choices that I feel will nourish my body for my Sunday run. I don’t count calories, or macros etc. I just eat what makes me feel good and I am learning to stop when I’m feeling full. Keeping a visual food journal for a few days has allowed me take a more in depth look at what I am consuming. Here are my Wednesday, Thursday and Friday meals!

If you like seeing what I eat please feel free to leave a thumbs up or short comment. I always find it interesting so see what others are eating and how they workout and I’m more than happy to share.

Wednesday food for real


Breakfast- Two pieces of toast with pb and honey and half a glass of milk

Snack- a banana

Lunch – Big Taco salad (with chips not pictured)

Snack – ½ mint and chocolate quest bar

Dinner – Seafood pasta and a piece of sourdough bread

THursday food


Breakfast – Porridge with blueberries and a hot chocolate sweetened with honey

Snack – 1 toast with avocado and egg and ½ mint and chocolate quest bar

Lunch – Cauliflower soup and tortilla chips with guacamole

Dinner – Broccoli/green beans and 3 small lamb sausages

Dessert – Greek yogurt with cashew, cocoa powder, dried apricots

Friday food


Breakfast – ¼ avocado and 2 fried eggs and green mango smoothie

Lunch – Broccoli/green beans and 2.5 lamb sausages and a green apple

Snack – 1 banana and a small spinach salad

Dinner – Pizza party!

Happy running 🙂


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