Early morning runs and goal setting

This past weekend I had to go on my longest training run yet, and I did it at 4: 40am on a Saturday morning. Yes, I know it seems crazy to get up that early to run 33kms, running 33km is crazy in itself. For those of you who have trained for distance races you will know that to get in the kms sometimes you have to sacrifice sleeping in on the weekends to get it done. Luckily you can catch some amazing views!


So, what’s the reason behind my early wake up? I had to work at 9am AND after that I had a wedding to attend. Sunday was no better to run because I had to work at 10am and I knew the wedding was going to cause a late night. Ah, the life of a busy bee! So my choice was… wake up and run at 4:40am or don’t go, the latter was not really an option for me, hence me rolling out of bed and pounding the pavement for 33 long kms. I was lucky enough to have a friend run with me for a few kms when I really needed it and when we parted ways I only had a few more to get done solo.

                 sun                 beach

I always seem to get the question, what do you do when you run for that long? Ummmm… I run! But I know what they mean. What do I do to keep myself entertained when I run?

  1. I think
  2. I think some more
  3. I think some more and set goals

So yea, I do a lot of thinking and honestly, I love it! I have anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to be completely with myself. I get to think about how I want my day to go, what I’m going to eat after my run (this is a popular one), what I’m going to do for the rest of the day and I really get thinking about my own goals. When you have 3 hours to goal set and really think about what it is you want to accomplish that day, that week, that month or that year, you can start to determine what is important to you. Being by yourself doesn’t need to be scary or quiet or boring, it can be peaceful and energizing to be disconnected from everything. I enjoy taking my running time just for me. I can be selfish and think about MY wants and needs. So, with that said, get out there and take time for yourself, because you deserve it!


Happy running 🙂

Check out my challenge of the week # 3 under the workout tab !


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