City to Surf and Aussie slang

This weekend I have been given a bib for the City to Surf 14 km running race in Sydney. I have come to realize that even when you have forgotten to sign up for a race there is always a way of finding someone who is looking to part with his or her race entry. In the last week before a race, people sometimes get cold feet and scare themselves into believing that they haven’t trained enough, or they realize that they have injured themselves and that running will hurt their body further. Enter… moi!


Watch out for #25181

This isn’t my first time running a race under someone else’s name. Some might say you shouldn’t do it or that it isn’t fair but honestly, it’s a waste of a race if no one runs it!

I love running races I haven’t planned to run. They are exciting, and totally fly by the seat of your pants. The best part about running a race you haven’t planned or trained for is that the pressure is totally off. You haven’t spent any time truly training and meticulously planning your race. You haven’t set a goal time for yourself 3 months in advance, so whatever happens on the day is great, and you get another medal to hang on your wall :).

So, with this being my first official race in Australia with a group of people who I’m assuming will mostly be Australian, I thought I better brush up on the Aussie slang I have learned to date, you know… just in case.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Ta – Thank you.
  2. Arvo – Afternoon
  3. The bubbler – The water fountain
  4. Catch ya – See you later
  5. Fair dinkum (one of my favourites) – No way! Really?
  6. When something is “dear” or “dearer” – When something is expensive
  7. A dag – A goof or a nerd
  8. Lollies – Candy
  9. Old mate – Some guy
  10. Darl (pronounced like Roald Dahl) – Darling or sweetie

short hair

Now it’s time for me to eat some food, have a good stretch and enjoy my time running City to Surf down in Sydney. Oh yea, and with my shorter hair I should be running a lot faster!

Catch ya and happy running! 🙂


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