The truth about chafing

The truth about chafing is that…well, everyone gets it! Girls, guys, old, young, even celebrities, yes everyone. This means that we are all after the same answer to one simple question. How do you stop the chafing? Well the answer is really quite simple, lubrication. No, not that KY lube you find under a 20 something year olds bed, I’m talking good old fashioned Vaseline.


I am the type of person who will wear crops running, but I know that nothing feels better than wearing shorts and feeling the fresh air swishing past your legs on a run. I have been wearing shorts on most of my training runs, but a couple of weeks ago while doing my 20+ km run I started to feel a little scratch on my inner thighs. It was the all too familiar feeling of the beginnings of chafing. I remember the feeling from my first marathon when I experienced the same thing at about the 35km mark. I had to walk for a week with my feet a meter apart just so my thighs wouldn’t touch! Anyway, at the end of my long run I examined my inner thighs and sure enough, I had slightly pink patches of tender skin. The shower I had been so looking forward to turned from a warm, relaxing treat into a miserable, stinging feat.

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I decided that I wasn’t going to stop running in shorts on my long runs just because of a little chafing. I want to run my marathon in shorts, and I am determined to find a way to stop the chafing. For a week I tended to my thighs with coconut oil, which helped heal my wounds quickly. Yes, coconut oil is a miracle worker, you can buy it in any grocery store and use it as moisturizer, as a healing agent, on your hair or even for oil pulling, oh the list goes on! But let’s leave that for another post. Last week, before my long run, I slathered both of my inner thighs with some Vaseline. The Vaseline on my thighs worked wonders. I detected zero chafing and didn’t even think twice about it on my run. I should have known this would work because as an athlete I would put Vaseline in the heels of my new cleats to stop the friction. It was only when I got home that I stopped and realized how far I had run without any chafage.

Vaseline is so easy to find, I can almost guarantee that there is some floating around in the back of your medicine cabinet at home, but if not you can easily pick it up at your closest drug store. You can also try body glide, which is normally sold in sports and running stores. I used it during my second marathon and it seemed to work, but I feel that Vaseline is cheaper, lasts longer and has so many uses, not as many as coconut oil.

So for all those people out there who are having trouble with chafing, be it in their thighs, on their chest, in their armpits or in their knee and elbow creases, just try a little Vaseline!

Happy running 🙂


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