Intervals, sprints, and pickups oh my!

Track workouts, intervals, sprints, pick ups, whatever you want to call them, they are extremely helpful for increasing your speed, resisting muscle fatigue at a quick pace and increasing your aerobic capacity.

 caitlin3 (1)

When I was training for my first marathon I had no idea about interval training. I thought that going out and pounding the pavement for long distances until my legs gave out was the only way to train. But, my running buddy introduced me to pick ups and left me behind in her dust the first time we tried them. I didn’t like not being good at something but I also didn’t want to give up! No way was I going to quit. I kept at it every week and soon enough I was keeping up with someone who I thought was way faster than me. The gains that you will have from these workouts will help you persevere through those tough kilometers.  You’ll feel stronger, faster and your breathing will become easier!

Some runners will choose to do their workouts on the track but I usually choose to complete mine out on the road during my midweek 10 km run. During the days I do my pickups it looks like this: 20 minutes warm up easy pace, interval training , 20 minutes warm down easy pace. Runners who are more precise with their training will decide to do shorter intervals or longer intervals depending on the length of the race they are running. I like to vary my pickups and challenge myself with something different each time and give myself a week to recover from each session; remember this is meant to be hard and you’ll need to push yourself, so pick a route, pick a day and pick it up!

Here’s what I’ll be doing this week 🙂 Good luck!

The pyramid 1,2,3,3,2,1

1 min on / 1 min rest

2 min on/ 1 min rest

3 min on / 2 min rest

3 min on / 1 min rest

2 min on / 1 min rest

1 min on / 1 min rest


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