Starting over… again


Starting over is hard work. I have done it a few times in life; when I started undergraduate studies in Victoria, after travelling Australia and Asia, when I moved to Toronto for 8 months and then back again to Vancouver, when I decided to go back to school for teaching and more recently moving to Australia. A few months ago I quit my job as a teacher in Vancouver, Canada and moved across the world to Newcastle, Australia with my partner to see what life would be like down under. Not being able to work in a school right away, I decided to take a job in retail. I can tell you that this was not ideal but like I said, starting over is hard and sometimes a job is a job!

Whilst scrambling around to find a job, navigating around town in a manual right hand drive car, straining to understand exactly what people are saying, and trying to find a run route that has a footpath so as to not get run down by cars … of course I get sick. I don’t mean a little sniffle, or a tickle in my throat, I mean flat on my back , nose blowing every 2 minutes, coughing in the night, wheezing like a smoking asthmatic and praying that I get better so that I won’t have to go see a doctor, because who knows what my travel insurance covers. Yea, that kind of sick.

So now that the starting over part is underway, I can happily say that things are falling into place! My accreditation to teach has been issued, my partner has his business up and running, and despite the small, “I can’t breath ’cause I’m sick”, setback I still have 14 weeks to train for the Sydney Marathon in September! So my advice to all those who are starting over for the first time, for the tenth time or for the umpteenth time, I’ve come to look at it not as a bad thing or a daunting task, it’s an adventure and something new. Just know that it’ll only get easier!

Happy Canada day ❤


One thought on “Starting over… again

  1. You’re an inspiration! Way to get on with things and not wallow in self pity when the going get tough. And Happy Canada Day, from one expat to another! X


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